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26 July 2012 @ 03:38 pm
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kanji tatsumi ⚡ house #1439

Sup, you've reached Kanji Tatsumi. I'm not here right now but if
you leave your name and message I'll get back to ya as soon as I can—

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24 July 2012 @ 07:39 pm
CHARACTER NAME: Kanji Tatsumi ⚬ 巽完二
CHARACTER SERIES: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
TIMELINE: post true ending

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24 July 2012 @ 01:44 am
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23 July 2012 @ 06:14 pm
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23 July 2012 @ 12:53 pm
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04 April 2012 @ 01:42 pm
[after not being able to find her in all of her usual spots, Kanji decided to poke around on the gear a little.


he could literally feel his heart dropping into his stomach on his first failed attempt. after going through this twice with her, he knew what had happened. still-- it didn't sting any less than it did the first time she went home. but hey, at least his door managed to stay hinged and unscathed this time!

he heaves a heavy sigh, welp, time to get this over with... he switches over to video and pauses. grasping for words was never this hard before. though, after seemed like forever of him staring down at the gear, he finally finds the strength he needs.]

S-So... Naoto Shirogane has... she's... she's gone. She's left Johto. I-- I know she's... she's probably happy to be back home. [he clenches his jaw.] She's... she's with everyone else now, and I-- I know she'd be... [his bottom lip quivers slightly and his voice grows an octave.] she'd be really sad if anyone else was sad.

So yeah--

[he sets the gear down and before turning it off he sniffles.] dammit Naoto, I-- [and the feed cuts off.]
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06 March 2012 @ 09:19 pm
[Cue a very awkward looking Kanji. He's not... really used to starting these up on his own anymore! Since his pokémon always do it for him. aha. But anyways!!

He seems... to be a bit more nervous than usual. And for good reason. Kanji hasn't really been public with his sewing hobby. Well, besides that one time when Mugen ruined the kimono he was working on for Niou... but that was different. These... these were his babies. And were the equivalent to the dolls he made back home. So he had more then enough reason to be nervous about going public with these accessories.

He dedicated a lot of time and hard work into making each and every single one unique to the pokémon he was making them for. But there wasn't time to think about this. With a shaky breath, he looked down.]

So-- uhh m'not sure how many people know this. But I make little accessories for pokémon to wear. Sorta like what Kana's wearing.

[and with that Kana twirls around happily as she shows off her purple tutu. She definitely looks happy despite being in such a weird looking garment.]

So anyway, what I'm tryin' to say is that if you're interested in stuff like this I'd... I'd be willing to take in commissions. The prices would probably be around 30~300P? It all depends on how big the pokémon is and what you exactly want. Shipping-- would... no I guess... air mail? I dunno, I've got a Pidgeot so if you're not in Goldenrod I can just send Jessica out with the package and it'll... get to ya shortly within reason.

Sooo yeah, if you're interested just let me know.
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07 February 2012 @ 05:33 pm
[looking into the camera with slightly interest the little Togepi slowly looked up at her trainer and his friend. they seemed to be busy talking about... something or another, whatever it was was deemed unimportant. And with that she moved her attention to something else.

A blue hat.

She waddled her way on over to the accessory and moved to put it on. Entertained with such a big hat on, she attempted to move back to where she was before finding the hat. Unfortunately for her, or-- well her trainer, she bumped into his hot cocoa and knocked it all over the counter-top and all over his lap.

Kanji screwed his eyes shut and slammed his fist on the table and successfully knocked the gear over before it could capture anything else. (too bad it didn't shut off before he could let out a girly manly yelp of pain.)]


[private text to: Investigation Team & Merlin]
[sent a good while after the "hot cocoa on lap" incident]

hey when r u guys free?
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19 January 2012 @ 06:22 pm
[Since Morinaga's a penguin she was definitely able to get through the slippery paths inside the tricky ice cave with ease.

Kanji on the other hand? Not so lucky. In one of the rooms he had an unfortunate run-in with a bunch of rocks and, well... long story short, but, he ended up crash landing into one of the walls in the caveroom he was in. Fortunately for his dignity, no one but his Piplup was able to witness the dignity crushing faceplant.

Unfortunately, when he he slid into the wall he dropped his bag and everything inside scattered about to various places in the caveroom he was in. Which-- explains this post! Morinaga was able to rescue most of the items, one of them being his gear. Under the impression that her trainer is dead, she quickly presses a couple of buttons her trainer seems to favor in a situation like this.]


[oh to hell with it! She hits the record button and waves her tiny little arms about.]

H-Hello? Me and my trainer are in this really weird place with slippery stuff and he slid into a wall and hit his head. He's not getting back up!! [;A; OH MY GOD HE'S NOT MOVING AND AND HOW DO YOU EVEN USE THIS THING?!? With that she sets the gear down and slides on over to Kanji, who's awkwardly spread out in the middle of the cave.]

[[ooc | any and all interactions are welcomed :3 pokeys can talk to Piplup or give Kanji around fifteen minutes and he'll come to~]]
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08 December 2011 @ 07:05 pm
[Greetings and good evening dearest Johto! Have an oh so familiar looking Snubbull down at you all as he pokes buttons. Yup, you guessed it. He's trying to record Kanji's battle. So far it looks like he's doing extremely well! He's taking names and kicking ass with Maoh.]

We've got more discipline than anyone else! Haunter, go!

[and with that Morty releases his Haunter. It twists and turns every which way as it cackles mischievously. It sets it's sights on Kanji and quickly disappears. A couple of seconds later it reappears right next to Kanji.]

Han Han Han~

[The Haunter rolls over mid-air and makes a googly face at Kanji in hopes to... I don't know, make him look less angry and serious. Unfortunately for Kanji, he lets out a very undignified unmanly yelp and jumps back into Ciffon and manages to knock the gear out of the pokémon's hands.]

S-Shit! T-That ain't funny, dammit! Come on Maoh! Kick this things ass!

[aaand with that the battle is started! Unfortunately that's all you get to see as Chiffon accidentally turns the feed off when he picks the gear back up.]

[[ooc | this badge has been mod approved! ♥]]
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29 October 2011 @ 10:42 am
[recorded xx amount of time after the Souji/Yosuke fight and after he and Yosuke had a deep and meaningful conversation about life. Kanji gently picks up and cuddles his newly evolved Piplup. The Piplup looks up sadly at her trainer and coo's softly.]

Damn, I'm sorry that was one of the first things you had to see. Though-- I guess it's a good thing we decided to wait? Now isn't a good time anyways...
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16 October 2011 @ 12:18 am
[Mugen somehow managed to find the kimono Kanji was working on for [Bad username or site: futariniousama title=Niou @ livejournal.com]. Of course it wouldn't have taken him this long to make one, but given the fact that finding and getting the same material constantly was pretty hard for a store like the one in Goldenrod. But anyways--!!

Due to the constant rain and all the craziness outside, Mugen somehow got mud on his paws and decided to track it all over the kimono. How rude. How very rude. After rubbing all over it and getting it all wrinkly he then proceeded to clean his paws off with it. Rolling over, Mugen retracted his claws and was juuust about to do a pretty number on it by making it his next victim of scratch attack.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for the poor kimono-- Kanji walked in right in the nick of time. He splutters angrily.]

W-What the-- MUGEN!!!! Do you know how long that took me to make!? [he sighs. at least he stopped him before he was able to rip the thing up with his scratch attack.] Man, now I have to apologize to Niou for taking so long on his kimono. Thankfully it's done now, but still! I have to hand wash some of this!!

Nyaaa~~~ [Kanji's little tirade went unnoticed to the Meowth as he rolled over some more on the kimono and on the gear (that somehow ended up in the kimono) and successfully ended the feed.]
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12 September 2011 @ 01:29 pm
[Boy this seems awfully familiar! However, this time Maoh isn't exactly planning on using Kanji's gear as a pool floaty. Thank goodness somebody learned his lesson! But anyways-- as per usual, Maoh accidentally hit one of the buttons that records things. He stops with what he was doing and leans in to the screen. However, he's no longer the cute and adorable Pichu he used to be when Kanji first got him. Some time after recovering from his pool adventure he and Kanji had a little heart-to-heart conversation that ended up with him evolving into a Pikachu towards the end.

Anyways--!!! Once finished pressing all the buttons he wanted to press he wanders on over to Kanji, who is currently sitting with a lap full of fluffy yarn on the floor in his room. Maoh pays him no mind since he's busy making things.

Next to him is that Meowth egg he bought from Kyou a while ago. (And even though it should have hatched a while ago-- Iiii kind of forgot he bought one. oops orz;;) The egg has a tiny little yarn hat on the top of it's....shell???!!! Curiously, Maoh approaches it and touches it lightly.]


Hey, be careful with that Maoh. It cou--

[And at that time the egg lights up (aka dis egg be hatchinnn bitchessss!!!) Kanji and Maoh give each other a weird wide-eyed look before turning their attention back to the hatching egg.]

What.... what did you do?
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20 August 2011 @ 08:43 pm
[For tonight's entertainment Maoh will be attempting to use Kanji's gear as a surf board! He toddles his way on over to the pool but before he's able to use the device as a floaty he slips on a tiny puddle and falls in instead. Unfortunately, as the gear is on the ground all the viewers can see is the sky above. Though-- if you listen carefully you can hear the Pichu's small, yet frantic splashing. However, as time goes on the splashing noises start to decrease.

A couple of minutes pass as a dark blur zooms by the gear and a big splash is heard a few seconds after. Up pops on the screen is a very wet, very out of breath, very disgruntled looking Kanji.]

D-Dammit Maoh. I--I told you to stay away from the pool.

[The small Pichu he has in his lap looks a bit lifeless. Though it may look bleak, Maoh is breathing. He pushes his damp bangs out of his face.]

S-Shit... I hope it's... not to late. I don't... I don't even know what to do. [by this point it looks like he's going to have a panic attack.] Those.... those c-centers would help, right? Shit why did this have to happen!?
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08 July 2011 @ 04:39 pm
[While Kanji is busy sewing more poké-accessories Chiffon the Snubbull decided that now was the best time to steal Kanji's gear. It's pretty obvious that Chiffon is in the bathroom and the only thing that's clearly visible is the toilet. Welp... it was nice knowing you cruel world!!!-- but before Chiffon could successfully drop it in, he slips, and lands in the toilet instead.

The gear is facing up in between the toilet and the sink by this time.]


What the-- Chiffon? Where'd you go... Chiff--ffffft. Man, looks like you got yourself into some kind of trouble. What in the hell were you doing in here anyways? [With that said and done, Kanji walks over to the toilet and grabs said pokémon and gear and then walks over to the sink. He places the gear on the soap dish and goes about cleaning Chiffon. In between scrubs he pauses and stops as he looks at his reflection in the mirror.]

What in the-- jeez! How did I let this get so bad? Unless I can find some bleach in a store here I guess I'll have to wear my breeders bandana until I get back to Goldenrod.
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05 June 2011 @ 04:48 pm
[A soft clunking noise is made as Kanji sets his gear down on the floor. Maoh curiously pokes his head up at the noise and makes his way over to the gear. After poking some buttons he switches it over from audio to video and beings to play with it.

Despite the Pichu close-ups you can see Kanji moping sitting in the background. Blinking, Maoh ditches the gear and makes his way over to his owner.

Sighing, Kanji reaches for his make-shift locket out of habit and opens it. He used to do this a lot back home whenever he had a particularly rough day, and today--well today was a good time to break out the cute pictures of baby kittens. Moving his wrist in small swervey motions he opened his mouth.]

Mew, mew. Mew, mew.

[Frowning at the noise his owner was making, Maoh gently pawed at Kanji's leg.]

Huh--? Oh... h-hey Maoh. Don't worry about me. I'm just a little.... [Kanji paused momentarily as he closed his locket.] N-Naoto went home. I can't find her name on the gear or anything. So I'm just--tryin' to make myself feel better about her goin' home.
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28 May 2011 @ 01:30 pm

kanji tatsumi (巽完二)
26 May 2011 @ 03:47 pm
[chirp chirp. Surprise vidya cam entry from Kanji's Torchic! She pecks happily at the gear before wandering on over to a few things Kanji had been working on. A few dolls here and there and a couple of accessories he had been tinkering with for the past few days.]

What the--Charmeuse? Where'd you go? Hey, Charmeuse... dammit, this ain't funny!

[SORRY KANJI, BUT THIS IS TOTALLY IMPORTANT. A girl has to make her debut sometime right?! And why not now~ She buries her beak into a couple of the dolls before she fully starts to play with them. Tugging at a couple of them she brings forth a couple of dolls that look exactly like Naoto and Yosuke. She nips a little at Naoto's head and eats a bit of the tiny hat she had on. After that she turns her attention towards the Yosuke doll and pecks off the bead Kanji had used to make Yosuke's eye.]

There you are--hey what the--CHARMEUSE! That stuff isn't for playing yet--


[lkaghdsoisjf, geez Kanji! GIVE SOME WARNING BRO! The unannounced call startled poor little Charmeuse to the point of setting ember on all the things she was on. Including everything he had been working on for the past couple of days. Yep, all the things are now burnt.]

C-CHARMEUSE!! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT SHIT TOOK ME TO MAKE?! That's a couple of week's worth of dolls and accessories down the drain!